Thursday, November 15, 2012

And the cruise control

This is not a post slagging on men. Actually it may end up being the opposite, let’s see shall we.
The thing I’ve been thinking about and or noticing, is the settling.
Women, some of us, all of us at one time or another, settle for the less than, or the doesn’t live up to.
A good amount of this theory comes from either personal experience, friends, or, watching a movie or ten, where the main guy will even make a speech, about how he’s no good, and didn’t live up to his potential, but the competent, successful, and hard working women falls for him anyway; discards all those notions about what’s important for a relationship and what she needs to be able to manage a life together.
What’s the alternative? An uber A personality, where you settle for assholish behavior but don’t have to worry about the finances.
The crux of it is, women don’t believe the men. They think they’ll eventually measure up, but what happens is we adapt. The fellas were honest from the start, it’s we who are the liars.


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