Monday, October 22, 2012

Here today

Jake, Jack Henry, and I went to see Looper last week. Which then caused me start to think about the movies and books that envision the future. Some do it well, well enough to make you feel uncomfortable because they present a foreseeable, reasonable scenario.
Then, the others that give everything a sleek and streamlined look, do nothing but make the viewer know it’s fantasy, because there is no way the world is going to look like that, it never has.
Years ago, it’s foggy, Eamon and I were either watching or reading something about R. Crumb, and he discussed illustrating the detritus of life, all of the wires. poles, garbage, signs, potholes, lights, all that make up the landscape of our lives.
That’s what Looper got so well, people using relics from the past, modifying them with newer technology and adapting. The transition is sloppy and not very pretty, but  evolution of any kind, is just that, it’s going to be messy and full of scratches and dents, that’s what makes it real.


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