Sunday, September 09, 2012

It was nothing at all

Over the last week, I’ve gotten Pleurisy, been visiting with my parents, went to a wedding with more guns then a shotgun wedding for octuplets, gotten one day away from a job interview only to be told the position had been rescinded, and lastly, celebrated one week sober.
Now that, is a week.
To begin, the pleurisy is an annual event, my mom had an Alzheimer tinged episode that tells me we are in for a pretty ugly few years, but different in nature then her usual difficulties, though it’s still has the flavor of her extreme level self awareness, she is now a pretty confused women.
My sister in law is a police detective, and she’s the one that got married, so it does make sense that everyone seemed to be packing, but with the amount of alcohol being consumed, I might have wanted to invest in some family Kevlar.
The job was a transfer to another branch in the library system, which would have probably made for a happier and more enjoyable work experience, alas it was not meant to be, and it was handled so poorly by the powers that be, that I am now determined to decamp.
And as for the sobriety, I decided no matter that I am not much of drinker, doing it around my kids is the antithesis of what, and who I am determined to be, so why not just not to do it at all.


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