Monday, August 06, 2012

Time is tight

As I mentioned, I was going to tackle the story regarding the near bar fight, or rather bowling alley fight that I would have been more than ready for, as I had an empty mason jar in my hand ready to smash someone’s meddling, buzz crushing, skull in.
The night before I left for NJ, Buckwheat Zydeco was playing, and though I knew it would be a late night, and had promised an early start, I had not seen him since the late 80’s and it was such a unique venue, there was no missing it.

Eamon and I went, met some friends there, and then when the show started I made my way towards the front, and ended up very close to the band. As the music was playing, I was taken, by the rhythm section, and I mean taken.

Not one of them was under 65 and they were probably over 70. Regardless, they were wondrous, I loved the entire show, and what a production it was, especially these guys who were just so the under appreciated working men, that at the near end of the show, during a break, I took two steps forward to shake their hands and tell them of their awe inspiring skills. They seemed quite pleased and grateful for my admiration. I then stepped back, (the entire meet and greet taking about fifteen seconds) , to notice these two women off to the side of the stage, screaming, and lathered up about something. Above and behind them, was Eamon, laughing his head off, because, apparently they were freaking out about what I had done. The only thing I could hear was “it’s not about you!” which apparently meant me. He later told me they had been in a tizzy about the hand shaking thing while it was going on. For some reason I felt compelled to engage them and ask what the problem was, and they snarled about waiting until it was over and being selfish. I walked away, sad and angry, all because of these strangers and their admonishments.
I’ve let people ruin so many things for me in the past, and I really did want to hit them both. Lucky for me I didn’t, and I’m none to pleased at the desire to do so, but I’m so tired of people and their joy crushing , I wanted to do some crushing myself.


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