Thursday, June 28, 2012

Turned out I was wrong

I'm going to start this story, by saying the end result is, that he is home safe. That way, it's just like one of the many movies of late, that start as the main character get's shot or some such, and then a title across the screen flashes  "Three weeks earlier" , and the story unfolds to the point of the beginning-end. Really tired technique, but popular nonetheless. Gus' flight was cancelled and he had to remain in Argentina another day. His Host Mother, whom I will be punching in the face upon meeting, told him that he could not stay another day in her home if he didn't pay her.
As he had only enough money for the ride to the airport and a couple of meals, he was cast out into the second largest city in South America, population 2,891,082 .  I may be exhibiting a little of that thing called drama here, but as far as I was concerned, that is some nasty shit to do to a kid, for thirty bucks.
The other bestes part of this story is an agent from United Airlines told me to tell Gus to go to the airport, a two bus ride trip, and the airline would set him up for the night at the UA desk, which he did, only to find it vacant.
Being the resourceful and fluent person he is, he managed to find a place to stay with friends, and fly out twenty four hours later. All character building and sense of self reinforcing stuff.  However, I might have liked to start at the end of that one, and not bothered to watch the rest.


Blogger LindaCO said...

That was a shitty thing for the host "mom" to do. Kudos to the kid for making the best of it, though. I'd be mighty proud, too.

7:39 PM  
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