Thursday, May 10, 2012

Someone's gotta help me dig

In Another Happy Day, it seems that all Ellen Barkin does is cry
And, with reason. 
I loved this movie because the malcontent is shown to be much more accurate and in tune with reality than the usual conventional family members who somehow always manage to win.
Not here, and not in the movie either.
My question to Eamon as I pressed the pause button, was;
"You feel like your family is crazy, that mine is as well, and I feel the same about both,  is it actually us?"
 He answered as any self respecting beserker would, and replied that it was them, all of them.
The extreme nature of the events that unfold have to  for the sake drama, but even with the over the top event after event that would unhinge anyone, let alone a magnificently damp faced  Barkin, the undertone of generational denial, abuse, and absurdity rang so very true, so fucking close to the bone, that I forgot we weren't actually going through the experiences  we were watching, we were merely living our own.


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