Thursday, April 26, 2012

There's a solution

Young folk think they know everything.  And, they actually do.  It's just that as they age, all that they know will be modified due to their life experiences
As far as I'm concerned that was a revelation that has made so much of the conflict of explaining and dissemination of information moot.
I did know, both intuitively and rationally, what the world was like.  Unfortunately, I still didn't have the capabilities, or inclination to change course when I might have, or  reevaluate conditions or relationships  because, only with maturity could I have the perspective that would have enhanced these experiences.  It's all just another one of those space time continuum issues that could so easily have been solved with a minimal amount of foresight.
I knew that the business model was king, that looks and size were queen and that aging meant invisibility. I just really didn't know how the weight of all of those variables would become so burdensome that they would flatten me, and ultimately require a tremendous amount of fortitude and ingenuity just to manage the basics.


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