Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's get started

As I reflect on behaviors, (what else do I ever do), I have two items to discuss.
The first, came to mind Friday at work. I was sitting for awhile, which is actually unusual for me, I'm a spring up to do things kind of gal; nevertheless, I noticed that I was uncomfortable in my jeans, which I had purchased a few weeks ago.
I lost a lot of weight about six or seven years ago, gained a few pounds over time, and recently lost those, and a few more . My reaction to that, as I know to be true for many women, is to buy a smaller size.
The result of that is not only discomfort, but a mind set, on my part, either conscious or un, that the pants are too small because I weigh too much. It's a nasty cycle at best, and at worst psych-ops. On one level a game, and on another a detrimental kind of self fulfilling, negative, vitriolic behavior, and if there's anything to shed, this would be it.


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