Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't let them know

Okay, so Gus is leaving in two days for Argentina, and I told him to stay there if he likes it.
What mother does that, tells her child to remain a fourteen hour plane trip away?
Me, the person who had dreamed of going to England from the age of seven, and actually went and lived there at eighteen, but felt compelled to come home.
I am not telling my children to base their decisions on my laments and or choices, but I do feel compelled to let them know that there is freedom in their lives at this point, that won't necessarily be there at a later date.
Eamon and I watched a few episodes of Mildred Pierce this weekend, or better said, the story of the women who deserved to be punished because she enjoyed sex. That being said, in the simplest of fashions, I know there is more to the story, and I understand that there are complexities of theme that I'm surely leaving out, but the bottom line is clear, and always has been.


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