Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where it's dark

I caught myself trying to please and impress someone who obviously didn't like me. I'd only made a few attempts, and the last left me feeling like an gnat.
Too bad it had to get to that juncture for the realization. It's okay though, I've learned a valuable lesson in the school of social networks: Sometimes people you really like have bad taste and hang out with assholes.
I did get to be back to a teenage state. To actually feel a level of desperation and yearning to make some inroads and make it obvious that there were reasons to find me a desirable friend. It's stuck with me for the better part of week, left me looking for some clarity out into the cloudy night. Nothing there though. It's an echo, a phantom of a younger me, one who shouldn't have cared but did; who would have done anything to get a laugh, or acknowledgment of my value.


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