Saturday, December 03, 2011

You'll have to answer

In the event that I ever actually say what I'm first inclined, I will celebrate with abandon.
I had stopped going to the car dealership for oil changes when my warranty ended, but as they will, sending me a coupon pulled me right back in.
It was supposed to be a "quick" one, but there were attempts made to lessen my haste and add some much needed services.
Lucky for me I have an all inclusive trip to "my husband is unemployed land," so when you bandy that phrase about, people take leave for the most part, or at least their attempts become anaemic in comparison to some full onslaughts which are de riguer in most cases of add ons.
After I stopped saying no and just waited to be dismissed from the desk, I went to the lounge to wait it out, knowing full well what was in store.
In the warmer months, I wait outside on what is probably the staff smoking bench, at least there, I am free from the ever present morning television shows.
Much to my surprise, the TV was not on, and people were reading, working on lap tops and or just sitting quietly. Until that is, one guy with, I might add, one of the more interesting postiche(s) I've had the privilege of seeing ever, had enough of that and decided it was time to get the party started and watch, at full volume, the apparently all commercial station.
After a few minutes, it would have been seconds, but I decided to wait and see if anyone else was going to do it, I asked him to please turn it down a little bit, though what I really wanted to say was less muted, I just knew it was probably better to just let it be.
His response, "oh sorry am I keeping you from paying attention to your important board meeting?" To which I responded, "no, and I hate to keep you from your equally important commercials." It ended there, however I could have gone on forever just to be able to stare at his head. But I went back to my work and he went back to his 72nd viewing of the Robert Wagner pitchfest.


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