Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's that they're letting down

About six years ago, when I started this project, I linked to two websites from the blog. The first was a video mash up of Captain Picard of the United Federation of Planet's flagship the USS Enterprise vs. Lambchop in an epic battle with ping-pong balls, which is no longer anywhere to be found. It was strange and awesome. The other, was to the magazine and movement site Adbusters.
Even though I had some knee jerk reactions to a few of the stands that they are committed to regarding certain countries, for the most part their perspective on all that is troubling about advertising, capitalism and consumerism was something I wanted to share.
Early this year, I got a few newsletters about an event regarding Wall Street. I wasn't optimistic about them navigating that slippery slope of protest and what cabals will do to protect their interests, but I hoped for the best regarding their success in drawing at least a bit of attention to the mess and detrimental practices the stock market Confederacy have perpetrated.
Good thing I didn't buy stock in the other guys.


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