Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am weary

I've not dabbled in depression, I'm an expert. Never been diagnosed, didn't have an analyst, though I often consider that step, it's just something I've known enduringly.
Environment, genetics, relentless bullying in my formative years, pick a card any card. I can work with it, and around it most of the time. Not to say that I've got it licked, because it merely ebbs and flows with the seasons, but, I feel more than compelled to admit that it's got the best of me.
Me, more myself than ever, better off in ways never imagined. Yet, with work full of divisive maneuvering , home kind of at a loss, throw in some grey skies aplenty, the results = Usually able to cope> .
It can all be broken down into elements, as can all of our individual components, so,I write about it and share what is perceived as weak and hidden, expose it to, well not the light because there is none here, but just get it out there.
I'm almost at 100,000 visitors to this site, if I feel this way, we can darn well bet I'm not alone.


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