Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Let the promise fade

There is something prodigious about hearing a song coming from your nineteen year old's computer that you listened to when you were the same age.
It's not a common title, or even one he would have heard a lot growing up in our house. It was one that had personal meaning based on a time and a place.
I have to make a leap here and guess that he was intrigued because some of the song is in Spanish.
So, now after thirty years, I know what that lyric means, not that I couldn't have found out myself, but it's kind of fun to settle that long term mystery.
Gus will be leaving for Argentina in about a month. He told me last night, that his life's desire is to speak and think in Spanish.
Applying my, it takes two weeks to adapt to any new environment theory, given that he's already fluent, he will probably have his wish in a quincena.


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