Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flunked shampoo

We moved to the community in which we currently live, for just a couple of reasons, the primary being that the schools were exemplary. Of course, after we did, they couldn't pass a levy if, well if everything depended on it.
This has happened to us before, and I take full responsibility for the demise of two other school districts, from my mere presence in the neighborhood.
Nevertheless, the school system has been trying to pass what is known as a permanent improvement levy, which means that there is no raise of the tax level, the amount is just maintained, and it's failed twice.
In November, it passed by 7 votes. The county, actually two counties had to certify a recount and they still came up with that number.
I've never, or at least not since losing my one and only attempt at a student council position, seen an election that hinged on so few or so small of a margin.
Not unlike the rest of our country, the community is divided in half, and since in this case a few extra people decided to exercise their civic duty, the course of an entire district has been altered.


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