Friday, January 06, 2012

There will be another song for me

Jake texted me the following last week,
"Hey just got a flashback about you, We couldn't wear hoodies or scarves to school because you thought they might get caught on something. Thanks Mom."
Because of the print aspect of that communication, I could not tell if it was a sarcastic comment or if it was a; thanks for potentially saving our lives lady.
Based on Jake's behavior these days I'm going to say it was as authentic a memory and show of appreciation as one could get.
He's so not like his brothers right now, that I have to actually think about how I'm saying things to him so I don't sound as snarky and caustic.
Which brings me to the admission that we all have been using a sort of negative and truncated short hand and it isn't pretty.
I'm glad for the realization, gaining the knowledge that I have to actually think about making myself sound "nice" to my family, the people I love, is a lesson I very much appreciate and probably is a long time coming.


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