Sunday, February 19, 2012

The noises of destruction

One of the first things I noticed in Japan, regarding social interactions, was how high women's voices would get when they were either talking to a male, a child,or especially a male child.
As Jake, or Kobi-Chan as he was known there, was a cherubic nine month old ginger, there was a guaranteed shattering of glass on most every encounter.
We got used to it, and it became somewhat normal.
As I was working in the children's department of the library yesterday, and noticed a similar set of behaviors from the female staff in reference to the parade of cuteness walking in the door, I thought about that child of mine, and realized, that was exactly how I've seen him, through my eyes, in reference to me.
Well, it's time to recognize, that it's not about me. That the best thing I can do, is actually, see him in relationship to himself rather than to me.
I've been selfish, narcissistic in fact. In the process he is going through at this point in his life, the best most insanely sane thing I can do is to acknowledge, about many things, that I've never seen it that way before.


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