Thursday, March 08, 2012

Start from the start

I may have told this story before, forgive me, I'm getting old, forgetful, and redundant.
When I was near graduating from college, I worked as a bartender at Charley's Crab, which at the time,was probably the most upscale restaurant on the east side.
It was located near a hotel where a lot of celebrities would stay when they were performing at the coliseum, the nightmarish music and entertainment venue built an hour outside of the city.
In all of my punk rock glory, I would serve the rich and powerful their bevs and eat chex mix aplenty. It was not a pretty time in so many ways.
I had served a number of familiar faces, some local, others international, but none are quite as memorable as the members of Loverboy.
It's not because they did anything spectacular, it's because I would not acknowledge that I knew who they were when they were chatting me up.
And for that, to this day when Everybody's working for the weekend comes on the radar, Gus will say to me, "They could have been our father."


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Hee hee. Great story.

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