Friday, April 06, 2012

In my interior

Getting naked in a public setting has never been something I have been comfortable with. But, even with that, my sister suggested we go to a Korean spa while I was in California, and being the informed person I am, I knew the downside of that was going to be me, and only me, nothing but the me.
Part of that experience was like "that dream" , whether it be no clothes, or not being able to get to work or school on time, or trying to take the final when you missed all of the classes, in any event, I kept waiting to walk out the wrong door, have it lock behind me and leave me having to wear a garbage can lid on the bus ride back to Mar Vista.
And, I would not have missed it for the world. I didn't exactly strut, that would have been too jiggly, but I did try and not feel that every step revealed more of me, or left me more vulnerable. The spa experience left me feeling solidly cleansed.
We did not opt for anything but the baths, some of them herbal and medicinal, a steam room, (one place I needn't have worried about letting it all hang out), sauna, and, last, the jade room with a warm floor that somehow allayed any and all thoughts of being satisfied by only doing this once.


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