Saturday, March 17, 2012

I tell myself

Though all evidence shows that post glacial Ireland had no snakes, the legend of St. Patrick is celebrated today. Perhaps, it was a metaphor.
It's not as if facts need to play any part in history, especially religious events. Even knowing that all stories are subjective, and taking into account misinterpretations of experiences or even words, and spelling, I do wonder what we can take as actual events and what is just part of a long and varied series of lies.
As I've watched history unfold over my lifetime, I've come to know that the stories are all pieces and parts of a bigger picture, but in the context of looking back from the future, all of that will be swept away and what remains will be mere images of reality.
Right now, Jacob is reckoning with some issues and experiences from his childhood. His memory of late is focusing on a few events, mostly regrettable, on our part. What I hope for, is that he can balance out his history and make it one that includes some recollection of a positive type, rather than what most of the rest of us do.


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