Friday, April 13, 2012

We are young

We're all acting a little squirrely right now. Even Gus, whom I skyped with the other night, was on edge and illusive, but with a Spanish accent, so it didn't seem as bad as what's going on on a local level.
Jake having moved back to his apartment and roommates , has been short with me, Jack Henry, in full on I'm a teenager and the rest of the world needs to serve me mode. Eamon, probably tiring of the role of shuttle driver and all around errand middle aged man, is somewhat unbearable.
And, it all comes back to me. Not because I want it to, but that anything that poses a problem, challenge or adverse experience, is my fault.
It sort of is. mostly due to my own naivete about taking on all that responsibility and not doling it out, or requiring my family to maintain their own. Their own what? Everything I guess. I tried to cushion it for all of us but as that stuffing slowly begins to diminish, so do the resources and back up plans to reckon with all that comes our way.


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