Saturday, June 02, 2012

It never ends

Youth is tricky, and by that I mean it will deceive you in to believing it's endless, and that, is a slippery slope.
Many of my friends are a few years younger then me, and they have not yet gotten to the point of no return.  Which is not to say that they aren't feeling some of the loss and mourning of times gone by, but the pronounced feeling of regret, loss and desire for absolution of all of the stupid things I've done, seems to have come with the big fifty breathing down my neck.
This will be the last year of high school for me, as Jack will be a senior in two days. For him, this is the year of self regulation.  If he doesn't start now, then when he has to manage his own life, I don't think he'll have much success.
We often start out with lots of proclamations about how things are going to go from now on, and that lasts for awhile and then fades away.  In that I am the ultimate self governor,  it's amazing how little of that  behavior seems to have been spread around at my house; or is it?


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