Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rock the cash bar

Sometimes the intersection of ideas, thoughts, events, and even cars can astound me into believing in something. What that might be I’m still not sure of, and that brings me to; knowing that I probably am not going to be sure of much ,ever. There are some certainties though, and  those have mostly  always held true.
I’ve known this was going to be a challenge from a very young age. Then with kids, you see that the stages and behaviors start early and stay for the duration. It is nothing less than a fascinating experiment experience that sometimes can go horribly awry, and on the other end of the spectrum amazingly well.
I wrote a little note the other day, regarding the constant yearning, and or keeping in check the strong desire to get all of the answers, or even some, or maybe one, of course, I lost it.


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