Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like a stone

I’ve not spoken about the little people of late, and that may very well be because they are no longer even a little, little.
They, with the exception of Jack, are all adults, and somewhat private. Not as particular about sharing some things as I wish they might be, but for the most part, I am not privy to much that is going on.
I guess I’m fine with most of that, except that when something does go wrong, or they run into a problem, I kind of get  called in midway and have to put the pieces together, and try to figure out what to do, to either help, or yell at them . There are no in-betweens it seems. It’s going to be either fix it, or give them hell.
I am on my ninth year of high school, not including, my own actual time spent there. And , I want to be enthusiastic for Jack, to support his experiences and watch him with new eyes as he enjoys this last year. But, I don’t want to be delusional. He managed to go from mostly A’s the first quarter of last year, to failing one and almost failing three other classes.
This year, he has a heavy schedule and ascertains that it will be no big deal. Except, that it will.  No matter how convinced he is that it will all go swimmingly, past performance has to have some bearing on what we can expect.


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