Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out on the briny

The Master. I could honestly just say that and it would be enough.
But of course I will not end it there.
It’s a pretty darn good movie. The simple explanation to why that is, is everything. The elements separated, are distinct; extraordinary acting, beautiful sets by Jack Fisk, a master at designing history in the everyday. And, lastly, the madness and insanity of being human, dealing with war, extremes, sex, money, power, love and boredom.
Michael Foucault a French contemporary philosopher, or more of a sociologist examining societal norms contends that,” in modern society a sense of normality is achieved through the suppression and exclusion of the abnormal. “
Where to begin with that concept as accurate as it is, at what point does the measurement begin; with the people who drink to excess every weekend, or the religion that is drawn from a trillion year old alien universe, or the psychiatrist using Rorschach test to determine, well anything! It’s all pathological from some perspective.
I ‘ve been having intermittent  moments of recollection since seeing it the other day. Eamon, Jack and I went together. Some of the scenes were difficult, as it is rated R, but the upside of managing the scenes with naked women, is that they weren’t all model thin, perfect bodied. There were lots of flaws to behold, in many, many wonderful ways.


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