Sunday, September 16, 2012

Once you buy the gimmick

One of Eamon's best friends from college, has struggled with drugs, job loss, divorce and criminal activity over the years.
Eamon decided to end his contact with him about ten years go, but every once in awhile I check to court dockets to see if there is anything new going on.
We thought we saw him in a convertible the other day, and I think that was a relief to both of us. That he had perhaps escaped the hold of his demons , and an extremely addictive and expensive drug habit.
Well, we hadn't. In an odd series of events at work, I was searching for a real estate listing for a customer and in the corner of the page, it said, “Mugshot of the day”, and the picture happened to be one in the same.
He had been arrested a few days before for robbing a convenient store in the evening and the next morning a gas station.
I was torn about sharing the news with my husband, both he and the boys admired this guys zest, and joie de vivre,.  It’s a hard lesson, and I’m not even sure for whom.


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