Saturday, September 22, 2012

Come on now

I work with a bunch of very confused people in leadership positions. Missteps and blunders have become so de rigueur that it doesn’t even begin to phase me any more, and of course that is unacceptable.
I wonder though, do we pick at administrators, watch every move to find the flaws and then dwell on their shortcomings, or are they truly an incompetent lot that have no business running the joint.
A few years ago when Gus was a senior, they had an marching band event called Senior Night, for the parents of band members to come out and accompany their children out on the football field for a song.
I had just had surgery and Eamon was not going, so Gus ended up walking out with his best friend’s parents. Of course that killed me.
Last night was Jack’s event. I went so far as not to work because I might have be late if I did.
Eamon arrived moments before we were lined up, and the absolute joy on Jack’s face made for, a you guessed it, bittersweet reckoning. So glad to be there for him, and on the other hand, missed it for the other one. I guess, there are always going to be checks and balances, credits and debits, but whose counting.


Blogger Carmen said...

I have often felt the guilt of missing one of my son's events, and then making up for it with one of the other's events. I guess you learn as you go and the saying, "when you know better, you do better," rings true.

Young Parenthood: A Sort of Beautiful Challenge

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