Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the distance

When you age, everything shrinks, not to be to specific or graphic, but we get shorter, our attention span more limited, frequent memory loss, and part of what falls into that spectrum is our ego.
Listening to a Neil Young song on the radio this morning, he sang something like;  I used to walk like a giant on the land and now I'm just a leaf in a river, floating. I suspect that’s not that far off from what I mean, and not at all a bad thing.
The other day in my post, it seems as though I was mostly lamenting my personal issues.  What I’m experiencing is beyond that. I think universally, always have. I feel such overwhelming sadness about the world we live in, the choices of greed and short sighted satisfaction over, what seems to me, to be the obvious direction or axiom.
Part of this is the election, the acting and directing , the spinning, It’s all show for the new Fall lineup I don’t want to watch .


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