Sunday, October 14, 2012

Like a rock

I will reiterate that I try to be honest here, not to censor, layer or conceal. So with that, here comes the train.
I feel intensely sad, less happy, most bleak.
There’s a level of hopelessness I really can’t seem to rally past. My, serotonin or hormone uploads, or whatever pathways that I’ve reached the end of both internally and externally, need some bolstering.
I’m not really living the life I want to, and a big part of that is not having pictured it very well, until recently that is.
It’s not lavish, or complicated.  In fact, what I desire is a simplicity that is not out of reach, nor unrealistic, it’s just not mine.


Blogger LindaCO said...

Have you read an Jon Kabbat-Zinn? I haven't read much, but he's got a lot of stuff on mindfulness. The center he runs deals a lot with sick people and how to deal with the tough parts of their lives.

The one thing from him that makes me feel better every time I pull it out and think abou it is when he said, "As long as you're breathing, we've got something to work with."

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