Friday, November 09, 2012

knew what to do

Jacob is driving Jack Henry to OSU for a college visit and then they are going to bring Gus back for the weekend.
That means all of them will be in a car together, which originally was going to be Jacob’s 1992 Honda hatchback with no airbags, a door that doesn’t open and a level of discomfort for me, which I cannot abide.
I’ve let them know that I want them to switch and drive my car, which reminded me of an incident of a road trip of my own. I was going to Toronto with my boyfriend, but felt like my car was not suitable so I asked my mother for hers. She obliged me, probably for the same reasons I’ve made the determination today; safety, the illusion of safety, and a better chance of survival.
The thing is, I left her with a shitty car, with an almost flat tire, and this wasn’t at home, we made the switch outside of her office which was downtown.
I’m obligated to admit that I could be a selfish and impulsive teenager, that my desperate need to do exactly what I wanted, and have it be how I wanted it to be, superseded, pretty much everything, which I guess is the same today, as I impel my child to take my car rather then his own.


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