Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The things you do

Ya Jewish”?
That was the question Gus got, in a deep Brooklyn accent, while sitting in a hostel in a remote area of Argentina.
I guess it’s written all over his face, because it happened again, in an eerily similar way at OSU. But, in this case, in a strange way it made him feel very close to home.
His answer was yes, and subsequently he had a Sabbath meal with a group of Hasidic Jews from Crown Heights.
They welcomed him, and introduced him to some rituals and religious traditions, all in a somewhat absurdist context, which no doubt made it enormously memorable and vivid.
As of tomorrow, everyone in my immediate family will be together. They all have come, or are coming here because Eamon has had to miss the last few get togethers, so everyone decided to come together at our house.
It’s hard, it will get harder, but I’m happy nevertheless. I’m all about the absurd, and it runs in the family


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