Saturday, December 01, 2012

One of us

Impulse, whether it be to control or not to control, that is the question.
I think that being an adult, acting with rational and reasonably well thought out behaviors represent the decision, on some level, to overcome those influences, as opposed to not having them. In other words, to be a true adult, it’s important to see past the immediate need or desire and either accept and ignore it, or incrementally react as opposed to a full onslaught.
We often succumb to what can be seen as the simple impulse, but those are the true challenges, not the big stuff, because that’s where you end up after giving into the gateway whim. I have seen and felt the repercussions of giving in , it’s an everyday thing for all of us, to hear about the diets gone wrong, the drink had, the poor judgment used, and then comes the guilt, admonishments, isolation and rejection, and that’s just the internal reaction.


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