Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The virtues of restraint

Lawmakers and politicians who have been the casualties of violent acts , are usually the spokespersons for legislative responses to gun violence.
That’s just eerie and macabre. Because, what happens is they become the symbol, and everything else ends there. It’s just an uncomfortable reminder, and left at that.
What I know, working in a public place, a setting of two to three women and thirty to forty men, who come in, mostly daily, to sit at computers, or sleep, is, that most of the encounters we have that are negative, go from nothing to something huge in seconds. People are volatile, they have vast reservoirs of anger, frustration, what ever they bring with them, and it all comes up in a frothy (literally) jumble and is dumped on anyone who has the unfortunate task of being around.
The point being, we should not only start paying attention once the victim is a public figure. If you sit among people who are mentally ill, all day everyday, you know the prevalence for aggressive, violent behavior is part of the vernacular as opposed to something rarely visited.
Offering solutions is secondary to understanding the nature of the problem.


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