Monday, December 10, 2012

So I lit a fire

I feel like The Dark Knight Rises, was terrible. And here’s why; besides for the length, it was lost on me as to what the point of destroying Gotham and causing all sorts of upheaval either proved, or conveyed . It was supposed to be a class war, yet the henchmen were as free with their violence on the working class as they were with the rich folk.
It was aimless, pointless and , based on my checking Facebook over the course of the movie, boring.
Jake was not happy with my response, accused me of not having seen the previous movies, though I’m the one who took him to Batman begins in 2005, and the Dark Knight was discussed over a long period of time at my house, just for the powerful acting and storyline.
I think that my kids take it very personally when I’m critical of something they enjoy or feel strongly about. And I can relate to that from my own experience, but usually it was a difficult art house or independent movie that I had to defend, as opposed to what had been shaping up to be a worthwhile two hours and forty five minutes.


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