Saturday, January 05, 2013

Days in the sun

My Mom called me today, or actually my Dad called and said she wanted to speak to me, because she didn't know where I was.
For my sister living in California, this is not a new or unusual thing, she speaks with my parents most days, and is used to our Mother's confusion and or lack of clarity regarding time or location.
I'm used to it because of various experiences, including my Grandmother, her mother, who never knew when we had arrived at her home in New Jersey, so upon seeing us would always greet us as if we'd just gotten there. And, while working with Alzheimer caretakers, who are usually family members, and helping them manage the outrage and anger that comes from the person who's experiencing the memory issues, and is pretty convinced, that it's the world that is confused, not them.
So, throw in my Mother's extremes in both belief and behavior and you've got a locomotive of agitation and bewilderment.
Then on the other end of the spectrum, we have Gus, he's twenty, angry, at who knows what, confused about his future, and sure that it's all our problem.  
I know that finding yourself in the "middle" has various meanings around this time and age, frankly, I'd rather be buying a Mercedes and getting botox.


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