Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As if I was

Yesterday Jack asked me if his letter from Kent State was in the mail I had just picked up from the box.  I answered no, and then a little while later he was looking at something on my desk, pulled out a giant blue envelope and asked me what it was.  I looked and saw that it was indeed from Kent, and I hadn't noticed it because I had not expected something from a university to be blue.
It was his acceptance packet.  He was admitted into the school of architecture, which he hadn't been sure that he would actually qualify for.
It dawned on me as I was cleaning the sink, and looked up at myself for second, that my last child was going to be leaving.  
It's not as if I am unaware of this process, nor am I adverse to time to myself, which has been a rarity for the last  twenty three years.  But, the dawning of this new age, of no excuses, or demands, is incomparable to anything I've ever known.


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