Saturday, March 09, 2013

A hole

This morning I mailed three bills without stamps. Hi fifty.
I started watching Enlightened last night. The program is about someone who has experienced coming to the cliff, falling off, getting some help, and then ending up back into the same environment, only to realize, she jumped, others pushed her, and that the reality outside of ourselves will remain, no matter how much we change.
It’s brilliant, every bit of it. The acting, the story telling, the knowledge, that what brings a person to the brink is them, though  the world is sometimes happy to help move things along.
I so wanted to linger on some of the things the characters say, Luke Wilson, who can only tolerate life with substances, so keenly aware of the balance and what would happen to him without them.
And Laura Dern, she is just amazing, nothing less. Behold some answers, it’s a tremendous relief.


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