Monday, February 25, 2013

The time on the clock

I think that if I let my mind idle, that something will go horribly wrong.
It is, in a sense delving into the interior part of my brain that tries to protect the rest of me from some unknown danger, and not representative of what I really want to spend my time thinking about or doing,
So what I do when I'm bored is, to play destructive games with myself, or look for information about things or people I have no business being interested in, or even worse, shopping.
None of the behaviors on the list are productive, positive, rewarding, (in an appropriate way), or going to get me where I want to be, yet I, like many people spend time doing it anyway.
I don't dedicate that much time that I feel like I am compulsively afflicted, but there is enough as to where I find myself mired in the muck.
It's good to realize, to actualize and find distractions to break the habit.
Facebook, feeds into the most basic of our insecurities, and makes it available, at our fingertips and on the nightstand when we should be sleeping, or looking into the darkness that is real, rather then the one we create.


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