Tuesday, February 05, 2013

And wherever we go

Once you get to the place of “what’s the point”. You have to try to figure out what got you there and why indeed, there very much is a point.
Last week, I became convinced that this blog is going nowhere and doing nothing.
I’ve recently visited some pages and read about other’s lives, and frankly, we are not that interesting. Searching for events that merit a paragraph, or full on long story aren’t frequent enough and I at least, end up building on somewhat weak foundations.
Not always, there are incredible tales, descriptions of funny experiences, and poignant lessons.
But, why write online, why present it as shared information? And the honest answer, again for me, that is, has changed. Now, it’s very different from what I started out doing, my intentions, or goals.
Initially, I absolutely had to find an outlet, one that I hoped would illicit some commonality in responses and shared experience. What I have found is that there are endless ways to say the same thing, search for an answer or pose a question. What is most pressing is how and why, and for that, I remain completely at a loss.


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