Monday, April 01, 2013

Une part de bonheur

While in Los Angeles last week, I discovered that I am a small time wannabe, not a big city hope for, and that sits well with me.
My brother in law, Jake , Jack Henry and I went to a French Market Café for breakfast the day before we left. It is much loved by my family.  The women who owns it, French, somewhat rude, and oh so authentic , serves up some Parisian repas on a lovely outdoor patio not far from the ocean, tres magnifique. As we were eating, behind me I kept hearing “we’ll be shooting”, and then mumble, mumble, and then, “while we’re on set”, mumble, mumble.
Then after a few minutes, a flurry of activity, people, tall people, all with excellent hair, followed by this person, came in.
I know who he is, but no one else at our table did. After awhile Jack asked me, “Do you think what that guy is saying is really making all of those people laugh like that, it sounds really weird, and fake.”
si vrai mon amour, si vrai.


Blogger LindaCO said...

Ooooh! Brush with fame.

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