Monday, May 20, 2013

To the end

Jacob is dating the most wonderful gal ever. Now with saying that, I know he is challenged and at the same time overjoyed that I like her so much, and she me.
He told me last night as we were discussing how lucky they both are to have found each other at this time in their lives, and that he had influenced greatly how his high school girlfriend felt about me, and how he made me out to be awful so she would hate me.
And then, being of many minds I get that completely. We sometimes want an alignment that excludes others, especially others who have some sort of control over us.
The other aspect of which I am clearly aware, and as many of my friends have forewarned,  is that eventually if they break up, I will be challenged by the loyalty I have to Jacob and the real affection I have for Eve (not her real name). I’ve been through this, on the other end, and what I have learned is that regardless of the initial connection of the relationship,  it can stand on it’s own will.
My boyfriend from college, had family members whom I remain in touch with, love dearly and think of often. His, and my past have nothing to do with what I have with them now, and that is a tradition I intend to continue.


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