Monday, May 06, 2013

Take all that you see

There is a woman who for the entire time I’ve been at my place of work, has come and cleaned and maintained the building while it is open, as opposed to our service that comes in after we close.
This gal is kind of in that in-between place, of sort of working for another organization, but being here with us five days a week.
That is until Thursday of last week when her position was eliminated.
All week I had been going back and forth about buying a new car, a much more luxurious and esthetically pleasing vehicle, which would cost more than I really should be spending.
I would decide to do it, what the hell, and then weigh the pluses and minuses again and again.
This event, my friend being cast away as if her wage would really influence the downward spiral of funding, after a few years of being flush and mindless spending winds up, clinched it for me.
We are all somewhat meaningless in the machine, our individual lives, including homes, children, bills, yes and even cars, overlooked and invisible.


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