Friday, August 16, 2013

Hope still lingers on

The world I might create would not look anything like the one we live in now, or in some ways at least.
This would include;
Playground monitors, not school playgrounds exclusively, but the ones where anything goes. Not  a tyrant, I’m talking about a retired person or two, who could, and would, be there to watch and help if necessary.
Escorts for old ladies carrying shopping bags and walking with a cane trying to navigate uneven and pocked sidewalks.
Drive thru driveways that are wider then one car and a third.
Offering a new WPA  era work plan which would suggest community service, or some sort of ownership of the individuals environment, and follow up support that would actually make it happen.
Soft things, rubber padding, less concrete to come into contact with.
Managers and Administrators that actually  listen to, and respect the people who are on the ground, or on the frontlines, of any organization, because they really do know what’s best.
Banks having to  actually serve a purpose greater then themselves.
The end of Re-branding.
Never again having to see the phrase, “well crafted “.
And finally, clean bathrooms, everywhere clean bathrooms.


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