Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To see a little bit clearer

Jake would not go to school yesterday. I tried for three hours on and off, and then I gave up because, really what could I do, he's a lot bigger than me, so a physical interaction wouldn't do the trick. There are around 21 one school days left to the year. In that time, I'm likely to; go all grey, leave my family for good, or possibly start down the path of alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.
Who knows it could be any of those things because it's fucking miserable to wake up five days out of seven knowing that we are going to have to face the same punishing events. It takes some dumb shit song to remind me about mental illness being manifested in behavior that is repetitive yet has the desire for a different outcome. It's not really mental illness, because that is not a behavior based issue, but it is stupid and I can easily attest to that.


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