Friday, April 11, 2008

Every thing you dream

I am always apologizing for things that have nothing or very little to do with me, or anything I've done. I think I'm just saying sorry for existing, having an opinion and if there is anything that I do that might offend, sorry in advance and retroactively. What the fuck? Why do I and many others I've noticed, do it. Is it the equivalent of saying um between words; it isn't actually meaningful in the sense of being sorry for the event, more for the inconvenience or time spent in being helped or listened to.

Gus was supposed to have sent in an application for a summer program at OSU and he "dropped the ball" and didn't complete the task. Of course I take this as a trend rather than an individual experience. So at three this morning I went over in my mind what I needed to say so that he wouldn't see it as a criticism, but as a constructive lesson and something he would learn not to repeat.

Thus, the text I got from him this morning was; "sorry mom, I don't want to be a failure". Yes! Yet another successful parenting session was had. Etre navré


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