Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dream maker

You know the cows have come home when in a movie the grizzled, pragmatic, seen it all Texas Sheriff, speaks about how things have changed for the worse, and to such a degree, that it's never going to be okay. In No Country for Old Men, Tommy Lee Jones, is as far as I can tell the person, place or thing this story is really about.
The movie gave me a view into how generations look at the up and coming and see chaos and mayhem, and probably, rightfully so. The evolution or de in some cases, is defined by the decreasing courtesies and protocols that make up societal behaviors. So as an example, when youngins don't know that they are supposed to have some sense of decency regarding how they treat other people, then pretty much there is going to be no frame of reference for what is expected and how to live within those guidelines.


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