Monday, March 31, 2008

All the errors and mistakes

I've tried to direct the events that surround me for most of my young and adult life. I guess one might consider that a control issue.
On the other hand, it was, for a long time a learned manipulation of reality. It wasn't so things could go my way or so that I could prosper. So, what I don't understand is why it came to be such an colossal aspect of my personality.
Yesterday, I asked Eamon, and under duress, he pruned our Japanese maple in the front yard. Except, he didn't prune it he vivisected it and then it cried. Sap fell from what was left of the branches the sound was heartbreaking, yet even though I had tried to explain to Eamon that I just wanted him to trim the top, he kept insisting that he had to cut from the bottom in order to do that. We did have a failure to communicate, and he insists that he did what I asked, but I did not imagine the end result, and for the first time, really, the first time, he did not get what I was saying, not in the least.


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