Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just the other day

"Are you having a fun vacation, oh, look how they've grown, and so polite."
This and so much more I could share, is the assortment of exclamations we got when I took the fellas to the library yesterday so I could pick some things up from work. It's spring break, and for us that means a lot of together time. I am trying to be patient, but I've also picked this as the week to ween them of of the 360, in terms of a challenge, I could compare it to heroin but it wouldn't be sufficient. Jake is in his chaos is the way to go mode, Jack and Gus are aligning against him, and I get to be the moderator-referee-sheriff none of which I have training or experience, yet apparently being a mom for 18 years fits all of the criteria and expertise needed.
The other aspect of this charming restbite, is that each of them has their complaints and comparisons as to why nothing we do, anywhere we go and whatever we see, is not as good as what their friends are doing. And I tell them the truth about that, they are absolutely right.


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