Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pay the price

We are probably one of the last public buildings without any surveillance. There are motion detectors, but otherwise, until today, there was no one watching except for those pesky patrons who stare at us for hours on end, yet miss any event that actually might need to be watched. The Security company guy was here today, checking to find the best vantage points for the cameras.

I had just been talking to Eamon about how I read incident reports that always mention a branch checking the "video" to see who had stolen a bike, or walked out of the library with a boatload of DVDs , or was masturbating while watching teen girls be teen girls. Now, we get to join that club of the instant rewind.

In many ways, of course I lament the freedom of not having had to worry about being evaluated from beyond. It was nice not to have been conscious of my movements, idleness or any just regular time spent without having to be aware of the notion of observance. However, many of our cars have been keyed or vandalized and for that, I look forward to watching some prime time foul play.


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