Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Words are made to bend

People appreciate honesty, they really do, yet it's not an initial reaction to most things, and when you are candid and try to cut past the bullshit and mesh curtains of illusion, you're faced with all sorts of bait and switch tactics to distract from the original issue at hand so all becomes lost in a flurry of song and dance.
When people say things and then come up with a defense of ; the words were taken out of context, or you heard it wrong, or that's not what I meant to say, then we are dealing with the hyperreality acceptance that I've given the moniker " that's not what I said and I mean it." I've talked about lying before in a post, but what I've been thinking about is what level of reality people are willing to suspend so as not to have to come clean with an untruth.
At my job, I'm often the person who does things that no one else likes to, and I really don't care most of the time, but a few weeks ago, as I was trying to make a plan for lunch times for my 7 coworkers and myself, someone got very agitated about me writing in a time for her, which I actually did not. It was the person who had been sitting in between us that wrote it in; in another type of pen and different handwriting all together. So, I tried to resolve it by asking her if she'd written the time in and she said no. Well the odd thing is no one else was there, the piece of paper was next to her and she had the pen in her hand, yet she, another adult whom I work with and probably will for years to come, said she hadn't when in reality the pissed off gal and I both know she did and that she is defending a falsehood that was not only unlikely, but extremely retarded.
Where do you go from there? Sure I have no respect for her choice of issues to lie about, but that's all she becomes to me, someone who would defend the indefensible, and unfortunately, she is not alone.


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